Money – the Root of our Problems?

Have you heard the story of the couple who set out in their fancy car, their destination, Joytown? They left home without asking for advice about their route, and without a map. They drove for miles, at each junction choosing the road with the smoothest surface so as to protect their precious vehicle. When night […]

Intoxicated by Power

As a child, I attended many schools because my dad’s job had us on the move every few years. As a consequence, the main focus of my young life was to become accepted into new friendship groups, and in this pursuit, I learned behaviours that have taken me many years to shake off. Because of […]

About Kindle eBooks

This is a small post about Kindle eBooks as I have received a few messages from people saying they can’t read my book because they do not own a Kindle. To explain: you don’t need to own or borrow a Kindle device to read a Kindle book. You do need a smart phone, tablet or […]

White Christmas

Mavis, before she left for university, had a cake business, which led to a significant amount of my kitchen cupboard space being occupied by ingredients and icing tools, cake tins and other fancy equipment. My worktop bore a food mixer in the proportion of those seen on Bake Off, and leaning against the wall in […]

I Give Up

In November, I gave up some bad things. These are foods of course. Foods and drinks that I like so much that when I start to consume them, I find it difficult to stop. Those SGI Buddhists reading this will recognise that this was my determination, at the beginning of the month. The three items […]

Dogged Determination

I have become unfit. 65 years old and I do not yet wish to be an old lady. So today, I decided to begin my journey back to health. This is me: I purchased the gym ball a long time ago, to sit on at my desk when I was suffering from back ache. Somewhere […]

Gwent Mad

I did something daft, even for me, and although I am rather ashamed and somewhat baffled as to how I managed it, I have to share it. As you know, I am the butt of most of the humour here. An email arrived in my inbox with details of a National Theatre Live showing, at […]

Welcome to the world of Pebbleditch

If you are expecting a lot of information on how to write, or about the ‘writing process’, you have come to the wrong blog. I know! Weird isn’t it? I’m a writer who wants people to buy her books and I’m not going to bang on about them. I won’t promise never to mention writing, […]

Beyond Bad Borris!

I didn’t want to write about THE VIRUS, we’re all fed up with the whole business, but recently I am experiencing a more personal situation that has been so frustrating, it has forced me to my keyboard. You know from past posts that I take anticoagulent medication and also use an asthma inhaler. This latter, I started […]

Questionable Dress

I have stopped doing paid work one year before becoming eligible for my state pension. This is to concentrate on writing. Well at least that is the plan although, as I mentioned in my previous post, focusing on writing alone is a challenge. With the time now available to me, my first task was to set […]