What is Art?

If you look with an artist’s eye you can see beauty in many places. Here in Pebbleditch we are spoiled, we don’t need to search far to find wonderful pictures. We have an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty on the doorstep, where we can view forests, hills, wildlife, wild flowers and butterflies and even a […]

Good summer for growing tomatoes

Recently my friend Chastity went on holiday leaving me once again in charge of the cat and the watering of her vegetables and flowers. What a fantastic crop they had. The summer has been so good I was able to take many tomatoes home with me and there were still loads left for their return. […]

Update on the writing – or not.

Today is Saturday, it’s 10.30 am. My sister, the Speaking Clock, is due to arrive in about two hours and I need to hoover, dust and steam clean the chairs (don’t ask’. I know it sounds sad.) After I had written my last post (raises bugle) and eaten a sensible lunch, I realised that I […]

Another day another few words written

I’m on the Five and Two Diet. For those skinny people among you I should probably explain that this is a way of eating that involves limiting ones calories to five hundred on two non-consecutive days per week. During the rest of the week one should eat sensibly (Oh yeah; right.) Yesterday was, for me, […]

Writing a Novel

I’ve come out! I’ve decided to go public about the fact that I’m writing a novel and have been doing so for several years, trying to fit it it between the day job and the laundry. I have no idea yet how the book will be received but I have high hopes that it will […]