Update on the writing – or not.

Today is Saturday, it’s 10.30 am. My sister, the Speaking Clock, is due to arrive in about two hours and I need to hoover, dust and steam clean the chairs (don’t ask’. I know it sounds sad.)

After I had written my last post (raises bugle) and eaten a sensible lunch, I realised that I hadn’t taken my mobile off ‘silent’. I picked it up. Two missed calls from a writer friend. I called her back.

‘Hi Lil,’ she said and waited.

‘Hi WritingFriend’ I replied.

More silence. I tried again. ‘I think you called me, I’m returning your call.’

‘We were just wondering where you were.’

‘Oh God! It’s today isn’t it?’

A chuckle. ‘Yes, OtherWriter and I are in the Firecrest and we’re quite hungry.

Me, mortified, and full of food, ‘I’m so sorry. I could come down (20 minute drive) but I’ve already eaten. You’d better go ahead without me.’

I am such an idiot.

Have I written anything since my last entry here? A mournful ‘No’.


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