What is Art?

If you look with an artist’s eye you can see beauty in many places. Here in Pebbleditch we are spoiled, we don’t need to search far to find wonderful pictures. We have an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty on the doorstep, where we can view forests, hills, wildlife, wild flowers and butterflies and even a windmill. In cities one has to look harder to find beauty but just study the faces, stare at hidden corners or the bark of a plane tree. There is colour and vibrancy wherever you look.

Today, while walking the dog on an unseasonably balmy late afternoon, I came across a series of works of art. I know nothing of the artist, perhaps there is more than one, but I couldn’t resist taking this series of shots. I call them still life with a turd in a bag, numbers 1 to 8. I think they’re sweet, especially the little bunny ones.

The most amazing thing about this artist is that he managed to show all these pieces on a path about half a mile long. What a remarkable show. It must have taken days to produce all these.







Turd white Turd blackTurd reclining Turd in thistles Turd with bunny ears Turd with bunny ears againPerky turd Swan-like turd





































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