Being the capable but cynical woman I am, I have never attracted romantic men. In fact, while indulging in the dating game all those years ago, I would have been uncomfortable with a man who bought me flowers or whispered sweet nothings. Any attempt at romance would have been met with derision, or at worst, […]

A funny thing happened …

                      Having reported yesterday that nothing funny had happened for ages, I have to tell you that my memory had let me down. On Monday evening after a frustrating time trying to get to grips with a plastered foot and crutches, and having struggled upstairs […]

Keep Smiling

A little while ago I wrote that this blog is intended to relate ‘A funny thing happened on the way to…’ type of stories. Well, on Monday, a (not) funny thing happened on the way to the freezer in the garage. This domestic appliance is located behind the house and accessed via patio doors in […]

New Hat

I feel inspired to share with you my new hat, purchased in the summer sales to keep me warm and cosy on just such an afternoon as this. Today the wind howled, the rain pelted and the temperature plummeted. Oho I thought, time to get out my new hat. I bought the hat in a […]

Once more the brain lets me down

Are you getting bored with my brain? I certainly am. Last weekend we went to visit Horace in Chorley – blooming miles away. We had to wait for Mavis to get home from school, at about 4.30pm, before we could set off, and we were all a bit behind with things as there was a […]

Good summer for growing tomatoes

Recently my friend Chastity went on holiday leaving me once again in charge of the cat and the watering of her vegetables and flowers. What a fantastic crop they had. The summer has been so good I was able to take many tomatoes home with me and there were still loads left for their return. […]

Mrs Robins’ Fruit Cake

                Years ago, when I lived in Sheep Country, I belonged, thanks to Husband Number Two, to the Austin Healey Club. Through that group I made many friends, including Tarn and Fit, with whom I still keep in touch, mainly through Christmas Cards and occasionally with visits. I […]