New Hat

I feel inspired to share with you my new hat, purchased in the summer sales to keep me warm and cosy on just such an afternoon as this. Today the wind howled, the rain pelted and the temperature plummeted. Oho I thought, time to get out my new hat.

I bought the hat in a huntin’, shootin’ and fishin’ shop and it’s called a Hunter’s Hat. It’s covered in camouflage material and is fur lined with ear flaps and a peak. I also have a riding coat. long and waterproof to further protect me from the horizontal, freezing rain. That wind would not invade the inner areas of my coat with this hat to seal under my chin and cover my ears.

Hunters hat for the not-hunter
Rather fetching I thought












It sounds like an American idea, a Hunter’s hat. I somehow feel that something this meaningful is intended for hunting bears rather than rabbits. I can see myself, ear flaps down, gun to the shoulder and bam! One less critter to terrorise this darned community.

Anyway, I donned my coat, my walking boots and my meaningful hat.

I put down the ear flaps.

hat flaps down
Not quite so attractive but hey…












So warm!

Next I tried the peak.

hat peak down
Yikes I can’t look!












I wonder, how would you kill a bear with this over your eyes? Maybe it’s for when you miss and it comes pounding towards you.





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  1. I smiled at picture number one, smiled more meaningfully at number two, and gave a distinctive involuntary laugh at number three.
    Dad xxx

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