Dogged Determination

I have become unfit. 65 years old and I do not yet wish to be an old lady. So today, I decided to begin my journey back to health. This is me: I purchased the gym ball a long time ago, to sit on at my desk when I was suffering from back ache. Somewhere […]

Gwent Mad

I did something daft, even for me, and although I am rather ashamed and somewhat baffled as to how I managed it, I have to share it. As you know, I am the butt of most of the humour here. An email arrived in my inbox with details of a National Theatre Live showing, at […]

Welcome to the world of Pebbleditch

If you are expecting a lot of information on how to write, or about the ‘writing process’, you have come to the wrong blog. I know! Weird isn’t it? I’m a writer who wants people to buy her books and I’m not going to bang on about them. I won’t promise never to mention writing, […]

Beyond Bad Borris!

I didn’t want to write about THE VIRUS, we’re all fed up with the whole business, but recently I am experiencing a more personal situation that has been so frustrating, it has forced me to my keyboard. You know from past posts that I take anticoagulent medication and also use an asthma inhaler. This latter, I started […]

Questionable Dress

I have stopped doing paid work one year before becoming eligible for my state pension. This is to concentrate on writing. Well at least that is the plan although, as I mentioned in my previous post, focusing on writing alone is a challenge. With the time now available to me, my first task was to set […]


There are many obstacles to completing a novel; so many responsibilities to interrupt the would-be author, such as the processing of laundry, the exercise of the dog, the obtaining, storing production and disposal of food, and a glance in the new full length mirror making one exclaim Oh my God you look terrible in that lovely cool […]

Ramblings during lock down

To add a little levity to the Covid-19 situation because, let’s face it, we all need a smile,  I will now relate some things that amused me, or someone else at my expense, in the past months. The refuse tip I have been decluttering. I expect many of you have done the same and afterwards, looking at […]

I am a Buddha

Oh yes. Unfortunately, my Buddhahood doesn’t always manifest itself, and I give myself a lot of grief and forget this fundamental fact. So, I decided to send myself electronic reminders from my calendar. A few months ago, before Whizz bought himself a new Apple watch, the messages would appear twice daily on my Fitbit: ‘You are […]

You’d better watch out…

It is December 10th, 2019, a few days after my mum’s 90th birthday, and I am limping towards my 64th Christmas, my enthusiasm as yet unroused. Mavis is excited though, and this is something to be grateful for in light of the saddest of things that happened on her third Christmas. It probably doesn’t seem […]

General Idiocy 3

In my last post I mentioned Aldi. I don’t go there very often, especially of late since learning of the destruction of the Brazillian rainforest, caused by our avid consumption of meat, but when I do, I love mooching for bargains on the non-food counters. On the day in question, I spotted matching bottles of […]