Voting with our hearts

It is quite obvoius to me and presumably to most of us, that the Conservative party has shown a lack of wisdom during this parliament, and it follows that those who voted them in showed poor judgement too.

It is so easy to think that we have a two, possibly three party system, a vote for any smaller party would be a ‘wasted vote’. But let me ask you this: how do we change society apart from with our votes – or climbing to the top of the Dartford crossing bridge which requires a lot of effort and inconvenience for everyone involved? If we can persuade ourselves that our vote has power, that the apparent popularity of the party or independent candidate is irrelevant, what a change we could make.

The time for apathy, the sense that there is no point in trying, that it’s impossible to chose between Tory and Labour because they both have self-interest at their centres (which may or may not be true) must change. We need the courage to vote with our hearts and consciences, for any candidate standing in our constituency.

But first, I humbly suggest, we need to educate ourselves. To study and consider all the manifestos we are offered, ignore the shouting headlines and the so called exposees on Facebook and in the news unless we have checked on them via a reliable source. In my case, I use Full Fact and Snopes. They are free, and expose the lies of politicians, posts on social media and other sources on offer to us all these days. Have a look.

Before deciding which party to vote for, I chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo until I am confident through my Buddhahood (my best, most wise and compassionate state) which option is best for our country. Not just for myself but for the whole of society. Choosing with compassion and trusting that my vote is not wasted.

If we all do this (vote with our consciences and without cynicism), what a change we will make. This is people power! But it won’t be achieved if we believe the first thing we read, if we vote for what is best only for ourselves or because we feel we have no choice. Change happens gradually, over time. When people realise that they can change things, think what a wonderful place this could be!


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