Recipe. Spicy, creamy prawns with rice

Hopefully you’ve read my previous post about rice. This recipe served one person. I was all alone with a bottle of this. A remarkably good bottle of rose from Aldi. It cost £5.99. It needed something fishy and luxurious and this is what I cooked. Ingredients A knob of butter or a tbsp of oil […]

Rice – a working woman’s staple

Apparently rice can be dangerous if cooked and frozen, then re-heated. There’s a bacterium that can be found in rice. I’ve never met it but here’s a quote from Uncooked rice can contain spores of Bacillus cereus, a bacterium that can cause food poisoning. When the rice is cooked, the spores can survive. If […]

Black Widows

Backforth House is an unlikely care home that hides at the end of a residential road, its side butting against a scrubby, rubbishy mound of railway embankment. From the pavement, if you ignore the gawking residents, it is exactly like the rest of the Victorian, terraced street: three houses knocked inappropriately into one, higgledy-piggledy home. […]

I Cooked it up

(copyright Sue Nicholls. Just ask and link back if you want to use it) I’ve lost the urge for cooking, I think I’m round the bend, I love to eat and entertain my family and friends, But when I think about it, it’s not the will to sup, I’ve lost, Oh no not that at […]


The copyright on this image is owned by Anne Burgess and is licensed for reuse under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 license.

Don’t you hate to sit in the sun and see those conkers growing and hailing in the autumn? (copyright Sue Nicholls. Just ask and link back if you want to use it) Conkers, Clonkers, Prickly gonads in frilly leaf underwear, Waiting to drop. Suspended reminders, That these balmy, aimless, dreaming days, Face warmed, Bird song, […]


I wrote this for my mum on her 80th birthday so it belongs to her. That said I’m sure she won’t mind. My mum wrote a book about her childhood so that her grand children would realise how different life was when she was young. I found the whole process of editing the book and […]

Ode de Toilet(te)

Copyright Sue Nicholls. Just ask and link back if you want to use it This poem is on the wall in our loo to beseech people not to chuck any old rubbish into our macerator. We didn’t want a macerator one bit, But we needed something to process our ?squit?, Which needed to be, shall […]

I am Wonder Woman

I am Wonder Woman. It’s a secret. Nobody knows but me. My family thinks I am the domestic help and my friends, well, they only get fleeting views of me as I fly around ‘Wondering’. Let me set the scene. Picture me: a manic, middle-aged matriarch, glasses at nose tip, in a cluttered, kid-stroke-cat filled […]

I’m wound up – again

Yes. Very. And of course when that happens I pick up my virtual pen and ramble. Today’s grouse is about the fact that the people who lead us don’t seem able to do the decent thing any more. Our council tax is to rise by 1.99%. This, according to the council, is the maximum it […]

Writing while living

As I’ve got closer to the completion of my first novel I’ve begun to build up a Twitter presence and to interact on Facebook. This has been mainly to publicise my e-book when it eventually emerges, but actually, I’ve enjoyed getting stuck into social media, Twitter in particular. I’ve found fellow writers, publishers, agents, foodies, […]