Writing while living

As I’ve got closer to the completion of my first novel I’ve begun to build up a Twitter presence and to interact on Facebook. This has been mainly to publicise my e-book when it eventually emerges, but actually, I’ve enjoyed getting stuck into social media, Twitter in particular. I’ve found fellow writers, publishers, agents, foodies, painters and illustrators and local friends too.

There’s so much to learn about writing. I’m quite impressed with myself actually, I’ve reached the end of the first draft, a milestone, and I’ve taken it on the chin a couple of times without giving up.

I've taken it on the chin and kept writing my novel
I’ve taken it on the chin

It seems that perhaps I have found another one of my ‘thangs’.

Many novelists, and I can’t count myself among their number – yet, write lengthy pieces on how to write, whether to self publish, how to get yourself noticed and much more. A huge new market is emerging in the wake of simple-ish self publishing.

I can’t possibly read all these pieces of advice, and besides, many of them say the same thing. I don’t intend to fill this blog with more of that. I’m not sure writers are all that interested in reading and I know for sure that my reader won’t want to know about it. My blog is built on the basis of ..a funny thing happened to me on the way to the … and so it will continue.

That’s the reason I haven’t written much lately. Nothing funny has really happened. I’ve had my head buried in my book or some other activity that distracts me from my book, to the detriment of actually going out and inviting amusing incidents.

I’ve called 999 three times in as many weeks, well that isn’t funny at all although I’d like to laud our fantastic ambulance crews. I wouldn’t be surprised if they saved more lives than the rest of the NHS put together.

The dog’s turned into an arse-licker. We don’t do that in our family and we’re thinking of putting him in the dog-house. He also managed to nick three lamb steaks and two sausages destined for the barbecue. Bad dog! I suppose that’s all quite amusing really.

The brakes failed on our newly acquired Volvo. No real harm done but I rolled gently into the back of another car then discovered that the RAC, whose membership I’d paid good money for through my bank account, wouldn’t come out if another car was involved so I joined the AA at the roadside and they were marvellous.

My only consolation about all this is that it will, one day, provide material for a novel.


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