A new dog

I think I’ve mentioned that Whizz and I were considering the acquisition of a second mut. On Saturday morning, the first day of the half term break, which is usually allotted as lie-in morning, we found ourselves, at 8.30, meeting a van from Ireland that barked. We had been up since 6.30 and were in […]

Three Husbands

Sadly, but also happily, Sloggo (see The Cast) died recently. He had been suffering from MS for many years and had gone from being a teddy bear to a bundle of twisted sticks. His funeral was held in Cornwall and Whizz and I took a day off work and travelled the 275 miles to Bodmin […]

Theme Tunes

Hum the theme tune to Star Wars. Now… can you hum the theme tune to Indiana Jones? It’s quite impossible to find one after humming the other!

Milo has fun

I have made a new circle of friends, the Dog Brigade. This is not to be confused with dogging which is, arguably, pretty sociable however not on my list of must do activities. The joy of walking Milo had, until quite recently,receded in direct proportion to the increased adversity of the weather. Now though, I […]