On Compost and the like

I’ve bought a new gadget. Well it isn’t strictly a gadget I suppose, if gadgets are things with buttons and batteries or electrical connectors. This is very much a bucket. It’s succinctly named the Bokashi Kitchen Waste Compost Bucket and of course it was sourced by my darling husband. In our house text input comes […]

On Time

It’s strange to report that the more available time I have the more I seem to find to fill it. I have given up paid employment and relinquished most of my voluntary responsibilities to those younger and more diplomatic than I and promptly filled the time with Girth Mother activities. After whinging to Whizz about […]

On Creativity

“Do you know what a tumbrel remark is?” Whizz enquired this morning. There was a pause while I tried to dredge from my memory the meaning of the word tumbrel. Was it some kind of geographic feature, a hill perhaps where someone might make a lofty statement? No, that was tumulous – I think. Defeated […]