On Time

It’s strange to report that the more available time I have the more I seem to find to fill it.

I have given up paid employment and relinquished most of my voluntary responsibilities to those younger and more diplomatic than I and promptly filled the time with Girth Mother activities.

After whinging to Whizz about this I have decided that I must give up some things to make room for my writing.

Jobs seem to fall into four categories: necessary, peer pressure, social/spontaneous and conscience driven. The plan is to list the jobs as I bat around the house and district, carry out a sort of time and motion study – I bet there’s a gadget somewhere to help me with this – then list the jobs under the various categories, grade them according to usefulness/frustration, and eliminate some based on their categories and how much I enjoy them. So, top of the list : Time and Motion Study; time taken 3 weeks, frustration level tba.


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