Carbon Footprint

Of course all this cooking will be adding to our ?carbon footprint?. This set Whizz and I on one of those discussions that make me feel like a woolly minded Socialist when in fact I am a woolly minded capitalist. I think! I am not really doing this Girth Mother stuff for Green reasons but […]

Oven Baked Tomatoes

These are fantastic and very simple to make. I make them when I have a glut of tomatoes or the tomatoes I have are not particularly tasty. 6 large round tomatoes Garlic cloves peeled and sliced into 36 slivers 12 Sage leaves Olive oil black pepper Method Preheat the oven to very hot. Slice all […]

Party Time

This Sunday we had a Christmas drinks party which was a great success and underpinned my resolve to avoid the Supermarket. I did have to spend a good deal of time in the kitchen but the sense of achievement made it all worthwhile. The finger food was as follows: Stuffed eggs, miniature sausage rolls, coronation […]

Child Story 5

My friend was going out leaving her husband to look after the children for the evening. She got herself dressed, did her make up, added perfume and jewellery and swept into the lounge to say goodbye. Wife: How do I look? Husband : Mmm Young Son: Well I think you took beautiful Mummy Wife (feeling […]