Child Quote 4

Whiz: (singing tunelessly to himself) Robin Hood, Robin Hood, Riding through the glen .. Mavis: Daddy, who is Robin Hood Whiz: He was a man who stole from the rich and gave to the poor Mavis (horrified) Stole!? Whiz: Yes, it was all right though, they were very bad rich people. Mavis: Ok Mavis: But […]

On Poppy Day

A five minute drive from Pebbleditch is the market town of Tinkle. Tinkle has a museum, part of the Natural History Museum, filled to bursting with stuffed animals. Not cute little teddies and cuddly piglets but life size lions and apes and much, much more, all stuffed by a taxidermist (or two). Mavis was not […]

Mavis Quote

I think this blog is getting a bit political so here’s a little light relief: Mavis (aged 5) and I were on our way back from a school shoe buying trip to Duckchester. We had just managed to get the shoes before the shops shut and as a result were stuck in heavy traffic. “Oh […]