All this time I’ve been slaving over a hot keyboard!

Did you know there is such a thing as dictation software? I expect you did – in theory. Have you ever tried it? I suppose I did know it was possible to write this way, and I’m told it’s much quicker. But I never considered it for my book writing. In fact, I’m not entirely […]

About Kindle eBooks

This is a small post about Kindle eBooks as I have received a few messages from people saying they can’t read my book because they do not own a Kindle. To explain: you don’t need to own or borrow a Kindle device to read a Kindle book. You do need a smart phone, tablet or […]

A series of Unfortunate Occurrences

I have had so many misadventures in the past four weeks that I could almost write a book about them. The  reasons for my disasters may be as follows (disasters is  a big word when the following events are compared with falling off a cliff or drowning in a lake): 1, My dreaming, creative mind […]

Life is for Learning

You might think that there’s not much left to learn by the time you reach your 60s. Think again. My last couple of years have probably been the most life-changing of all. I suppose that becoming a Nichirin Buddhist has affected that in many ways but this is not intended to be about the benefits […]

First novel

I’m an author. Would you like my autograph? In all this time I have tried not to bore my reader with articles about the writing process, such as:  ‘What not to do’ or ‘How to…’, and so on. Now, however, I have the task of publicising the book, getting people to buy it, read it and review […]

The Book

I said it would be out in 2015. I was lying. Anyhow, now at least there is some publicity. Have a look at this. Yes it’s really me, Lil (lettes expand widthways). In the flesh and plenty of it since sitting on my backside all summer with my foot in the air.  

Writing while living

As I’ve got closer to the completion of my first novel I’ve begun to build up a Twitter presence and to interact on Facebook. This has been mainly to publicise my e-book when it eventually emerges, but actually, I’ve enjoyed getting stuck into social media, Twitter in particular. I’ve found fellow writers, publishers, agents, foodies, […]

A small but significant success

I’ve been thinking lately that entering writing competitions, enjoyable as it might be, is just an excuse to get out of writing my novel. Today however I have changed my mind. Yes, one of my stories has been selected for the Rhyme and Reason diary. I am very happy!

Book Update

You may be wondering, I don’t suppose you are really, how my writing is progressing. Well, on a positive note, I am now the proud possessor of a Netbook. This electronic gizmo fits into my handbag so it can be taken anywhere with me, and as long as I have access to WiFi I can […]

Update on the writing – or not.

Today is Saturday, it’s 10.30 am. My sister, the Speaking Clock, is due to arrive in about two hours and I need to hoover, dust and steam clean the chairs (don’t ask’. I know it sounds sad.) After I had written my last post (raises bugle) and eaten a sensible lunch, I realised that I […]