An evening of two halves

‘Cheers’ said Whizz as we clinked together our champagne flutes to welcome in 2015. ‘Here’s to a hospital free year’ I rejoined. We almost made it! Yesterday, late afternoon, turned out to be a bit frantic. I worked a bit of overtime at work, the car fuel-gauge was so low that the needle¬†did not even […]

Lemon Flan

This must be one of the easiest and most enjoyable puds in the world. Ingredients 1/3 packet of digestive biscuits (dark chocolate ones are also good) Third of a block of butter 1 tin condensed milk Equal quantity of double cream. Use the tin to measure it out. 2 lemons   Directions Put the biscuits […]

Plucker’s Pie

This is another recipe for my daughters. It’s easy to make and tasty and uses left over chicken. I always buy a large chicken to roast, even for two of us. It makes sandwiches and at least one other meal so it’s very economical. The carcass can be thrown into the slow cooker with leeks, […]