Plucker’s Pie

This is another recipe for my daughters. It’s easy to make and tasty and uses left over chicken.

I always buy a large chicken to roast, even for two of us. It makes sandwiches and at least one other meal so it’s very economical. The carcass can be thrown into the slow cooker with leeks, onion (halved but in skin, a carrot or two, a celery stick a couple of bay leaves and 6 peppercorns (or as many of those things as you have in store), and cooked overnight, then half the day with the lid tilted to reduce the liquid. Stock can be frozen.

Chicken recipe using leftovers
Plucker’s Pie 2

Plucker’s Pie 1

Remove all the meat from the chicken using your fingers and lay it in the bottom of an oven proof dish, an appropriate size for the number of people it needs to serve.

Throw over some frozen mixed veg and a can of concentrated soup – I like mushroom.

Add a slosh of white wine, and stir.

Crush up cheese and onion crisps and cover the surface of the soup, then grate cheddar (or any hard cheese) on top of that.

Bake at 200 degrees for about half an hour or until the veg are cooked through and the top is crispy.


Plucker’s Pie 2

Place the chicken into a dish, as above, with sliced cold sausages and bits of stuffing if you have served them with the roast. I always cook more than I need.

Pour over left over gravy and top with the mixed veg.

Cover with mashed potatoes (you can top with the cheesey crisps as above if you wish, or fork the surface and drizzle oil over the top, which will give a lovely crispy texture to the top of the spuds.

Bake as above.



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