Dressing for a wedding

Mavis and I went to the wedding of a colleague, held in a Salvation Army Hall. I had been too busy to think about what we would wear – until the day of the wedding. We had to be at the Sally Annie Hall at midday and before hand Mavis had a nine o’clock doctor’s […]


In my house I am burdened by two floordrobes. (I apologise if I have plagiarized this word. It popped into my head and I thought That’s a great word, but I’m worried it may be someone else’s. If it is then comment here and I’ll credit you). I, being the washer, drier and ironer of […]

Child Quote 12

                    This came from a friend and it made me laugh. She visited the zoo with her little son and his granddad. When they reached the penguins the tiny boy poked his finger through the fence and said ‘Duck’ ‘No,’ explained Granddad, ‘It’s a penguin.’ ‘Duck […]

A small but significant success

I’ve been thinking lately that entering writing competitions, enjoyable as it might be, is just an excuse to get out of writing my novel. Today however I have changed my mind. Yes, one of my stories has been selected for the Rhyme and Reason diary. I am very happy!

Convoluted Journey

I have written before about my defective, hormonally starved memory. My lack of brain cells (well the links between them really) has provided me with plenty of material for these pages. The disability does, however, interfere with the direction of my journey and, if I’m honest, puts occasional pressure on what would otherwise be a […]

Book Update

You may be wondering, I don’t suppose you are really, how my writing is progressing. Well, on a positive note, I am now the proud possessor of a Netbook. This electronic gizmo fits into my handbag so it can be taken anywhere with me, and as long as I have access to WiFi I can […]