Convoluted Journey

I have written before about my defective, hormonally starved memory. My lack of brain cells (well the links between them really) has provided me with plenty of material for these pages. The disability does, however, interfere with the direction of my journey and, if I’m honest, puts occasional pressure on what would otherwise be a fine marriage.

Ageist owlSo, anyway, a funny thing happened to me on the way to the swimming bath…

This was the week of Mavis’s 14th birthday (Gosh!) A simple visit to the swimming pool, and a sleep-over involving only two friends and a take-away, was brilliantly trouble free, especially as one of the friends was prone – literally – to go to sleep at about 10.30pm.

The plans were complicated by the discovery that our home administrator – yours truly – had failed to tax the car. It was 10 days overdue. On-line taxing seemed to be the most immediate solution but when Whizz went through the screens on the DVLA website my further failure was revealed. We had no MOT!

The result was that I spent the majority of my spare time sorting out an MOT and trying to do a supermarket shop on foot and get to the swimming bath by bus. Fortunately the car passed its MOT – eventually, and the tax disc arrived today, but the arrangements for Mavis’s birthday and the cooking of her cake provided more stress than might have been wished for.

You may wonder why there is a picture of an owl at the top. It supplied, when the label was studied, a light moment amid the strain .

Not suitable for under 14s!
Not suitable for under 14s!

Oh no, and Mavis wasn’t 14 for two more days!

The car passed its MOT while we were at the pool and Whizz agreed to come and collect us. We wandered off to Pets at Home to pass the time and I was very amused to find this

Why fruit flavoured meal worms?


I managed a bit of writing while I waited for the swimmers but not a lot. My net book keeps wanting to update programs and this time I had to wait for 13 updates. I have now stopped closing the lid or switching it off to enable updates to happen automatically.

After the updates I had to get to grips with yet another text editor. It’s called WriteMonkey and I do like it better than MdCharm but it’s frustrating not to be able to do things instinctively.

Whizz tells me that the main advantage of using a text editor is that running it uses much less memory than MS Word. Write Monkey is able to show me how many words I have written (76,152 now) and summarises the chapters for quick hopping about, something I need to do at the moment as I have got in a bit of a muddle (again) with the plot due to the discovery of complicated police procedures.

Ooh, by the way. I will say zis only once: Zee tomato is in ze fridge.


Home grown tomato, red at last!
Red at last!



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