The Power of the Press

What is the role of the press? We certainly need a free press to provide us with the information that is ‘In the Public Interest’. How else would we be informed about, among other things, the latest political situation at home and abroad, famine in the Third World, what to see at the cinema, or […]

Snow and Dogs

We had a lot of snow last year but I think Milo has forgotten it… and we didn’t get Nellie until after the snows of last winter, so it was with some anticipation that we took them, Nellie sporting her smart, new coat, to the quarry. There were an awful lot of folk tobogganing and […]

I am a chip – ocryte

Here I am, teaching people to cook and to eat healthy food. I am so busy that when Whizz (thanks Whizz for the idea for this title) and Mavis ask for sausage and (oven) chips, they get it and I am relieved not to have to make too much washing up. When Mavis asks what’s […]