I am a chip – ocryte

Here I am, teaching people to cook and to eat healthy food.

I am so busy that when Whizz (thanks Whizz for the idea for this title) and Mavis ask for sausage and (oven) chips, they get it and I am relieved not to have to make too much washing up.

When Mavis asks what’s for lunch I’ll reply vaguely “The usual” meaning sandwiches, soup, cheese on toast etc, but what she likes best is Pot Noodle, so she scoops one up and makes it herself.

Oh I am a TERRIBLE mother.

In my defense, if I tell them we’re having home made curry, bolognese, chilli or something they smile politely and eat it but if, in a moment of stress I pick up a couple of ready made pizzas, there’s jumping around the kitchen and loud cheering with excitement (and that’s just Whizz!)


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