Christmas Poem

I received a card from Horace’s infant school head teacher. It was to Horace really but it was addressed to us all so I took the liberty of opening it. There was the usual greeting and also a lovely poem, unsigned. It moved me to tears and I wondered if the lady in question had […]

Satay Sauce

You can tell Christmas is coming; recipes arriving thick and fast. This one is an old favourite. I usually serve it with home made satay sticks (cocktail sized), at parties but this time I have bought some ready made. Ingredients 5 0z salted peanuts 1 – 2 cloves garlic half an onion, chopped 1.5 tsp […]


The fantastic thing about having a terrible memory, apart from the fact that it complements my terrible eyesight, terrible hips and terrible grumpiness, is the opportunity it offers for re-enjoyment. I am part of a book group, and we are trying to read different ‘genres’. Now I’m not sure what genre Terry Pratchett falls into, […]