More Eyesight Problems

As you know by now, it was my mum’s 80th birthday this weekend and what a splendid affair it turned out to be. 24 people took over a lovely hotel and a smallish function room and, as proof of the amount of preparation made, had a wonderful and emotional evening. The event started in the […]

Veering About

I have just been scrolling through old posts and it struck me how many twists and turns I have made via my quest for slimmer hips and subsequent departure from regime. First there was Blubber Busters, most successful slimming business in the world, then Mince Monde with its red days and green days. Recipe posts […]

weight loss and dresses

My mum’s going to be 80 at the weekend and we’re having a bit of a do. As I have been losing weight I postponed buying an outfit to enable maximum shrinkage. Then, well, I blew rather a lot of money on other things so decided I would make do with a dress I’ve worn […]