weight loss and dresses

My mum’s going to be 80 at the weekend and we’re having a bit of a do. As I have been losing weight I postponed buying an outfit to enable maximum shrinkage. Then, well, I blew rather a lot of money on other things so decided I would make do with a dress I’ve worn before.

I tried it on this morning and it’s a bit big so I decided to go and look for another one – but it must be cheap.

I spent half an hour trying to park the car. Eventually I must have parked about half a mile from the centre. I relished the extra exercise in the sorry belief that I might lose a bit of weight during the uphill march to the shops. I trailed round the stores in Blake Robins and tried on a few dresses. One made me look really svelte (well relatively so anyway) but the price on the label was, although not extortionate, £60.00. Reluctantly I hung it back up and continued my search. After a while I went back and tried it on again. Lovely, but NO, I mustn’t. I hung it back up again and decided, rather belatedly, that I may as well go home. I had spent a whole day there, spent nearly £5 on parking and finished up with nothing more than sore feet.

So, it’s back to plan A, the slightly on the loose side, black number.

The fact is, I am not as slender as I had hoped, given that I have lost 22.5 lbs. One and a bit dress sizes is not as good as two, it leaves one between sizes so you either have to hold in your stomach and, with some difficulty, your chest, or go for loose and comfortable. That’s what it will be for me – as long as the shoes don’t cripple me!


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