On Gerbils

Mavis is a disadvantaged child. Well, at least in the pet department she is. Horace, for reasons of guilt, me having a full time career, had a sequence of pets which survived for limited periods. We had: A rabbit which was truly enormous – a New Zealand Blue – with an overwhelming desire to escape. […]

On the Theft of a Purse

I once had a job (one of many different jobs which one day I will attempt to list on this blog) as a Media Analyst. This rather grand sounding job involved reading endless articles from newspapers and measuring how many column centimetres about a given organisation were devoted to particular subjects. The data was then […]

Child Quote 4

Whiz: (singing tunelessly to himself) Robin Hood, Robin Hood, Riding through the glen .. Mavis: Daddy, who is Robin Hood Whiz: He was a man who stole from the rich and gave to the poor Mavis (horrified) Stole!? Whiz: Yes, it was all right though, they were very bad rich people. Mavis: Ok Mavis: But […]