Smoked Mackerel Pate

Another of my basics for a red day. Tastes good with salad or if you increase the cheese to make it milder you can roll smoked salmon round it. If you use fromage frais instead of Quark it makes more of a dip consistency and you can serve it with carrot and courgette sticks. Equal […]

Spicy Butternut Squash Soup

Makes loads but it freezes well. I have given this to loads of people and they all rave about it. Ingredients 1 largish Butternut Squash A little oil or Spray and Fry 1 onion 1 tin tomatoes 1 – 2 tsp vindaloo curry paste or your favourite curry powder (depending on your tolerance) 1 can […]

Dear Jeremy

I sent this email to the Top Gear website. I thought it was rather good actually, and perhaps I’d get a stint on TV and even a new car! Oh well: ‘Dear Jeremy, If I had more control over television viewing I should probably never watch your program but, as we live in a democracy […]

A Holiday Story

On a breezy day in July, Whiz, Horace with friend, Queasy, Mavis and I set out for our first foreign holiday since Mavis’s birth. We had rented a villa in Poitou, Western France which we planned to share with Whiz’s sister, Fret and her husband, Fender. The place was called a villa and not a […]