First novel

I’m an author. Would you like my autograph? In all this time I have tried not to bore my reader with articles about the writing process, such as:  ‘What not to do’ or ‘How to…’, and so on. Now, however, I have the task of publicising the book, getting people to buy it, read it and review […]

Walking the Dog in the Chalk Meadow

Oxeye daisy

These daisies, Ox eyed, Damask and canary, Brushing my legs, They dance in soft air in their thousands, with devout faces that watch the sun wherever it hangs. Ecstatic worshipers, giving more attention than my small students. I dawdle through humming heat, searching for brave orchids among the tender vetch and yolk-ish buttercups. Butterflies: small, […]

On Reading 50 Shades of Grey – by a dear friend

This ‘pome’ was written by a good friend, whose hobby is writing what she calls ‘ditties’. This particular piece made me laugh, and mirrors my own sentiments concerning the book in question.   Now, desire and arousal are highly subjective, But reading this book left me feeling defective, Just what’s wrong with me? Why can’t I […]

Writing a Novel

I’ve come out! I’ve decided to go public about the fact that I’m writing a novel and have been doing so for several years, trying to fit it it between the day job and the laundry. I have no idea yet how the book will be received but I have high hopes that it will […]

Hot Tottie

My Husband says I’m hot in bed, Well he’s hot too. With the sheets thrown off, our naked bodies writhe and buck in the gloomy, curtained air. We’ve been married for 30 years but at night still we steam, Not bad for an old pair. His hand reaches for mine, ‘Get away!’ say I, you’re […]

I’m sinking

I’ve lost the urge for cooking, I think I’m round the bend, I love to eat and entertain my family and friends, But when I think about it, it’s not the will to sup, I’ve lost, Oh no not that at all, it’s the b….y washing up!   If I were rich, apart from having […]