Once more the brain lets me down

Are you getting bored with my brain? I certainly am. Last weekend we went to visit Horace in Chorley – blooming miles away. We had to wait for Mavis to get home from school, at about 4.30pm, before we could set off, and we were all a bit behind with things as there was a […]

The first Outing in the Caravan

Getting the caravan out, although we thought it would be easier than getting it in, was no different. Neighbours were recruited, and after much shouting the caravan emerged on a Thursday afternoon and was steered onto the drive of a very obliging neighbour, ready for a quick getaway on Friday evening. Whizz and I, Mavis […]

Horace’s 18th

I’m just getting over the weekend. Horace was 18 on Friday and requested a family dinner party. How lovely, you might say, she wants to spend her special time with her nearest and dearest. Yes, lovely, until you realise that there were a planned 22 diners. Actually, thanks to the rather feeble constitution of my […]