About Kindle eBooks

This is a small post about Kindle eBooks as I have received a few messages from people saying they can’t read my book because they do not own a Kindle. To explain: you don’t need to own or borrow a Kindle device to read a Kindle book. You do need a smart phone, tablet or […]

White Christmas

Mavis, before she left for university, had a cake business, which led to a significant amount of my kitchen cupboard space being occupied by ingredients and icing tools, cake tins and other fancy equipment. My worktop bore a food mixer in the proportion of those seen on Bake Off, and leaning against the wall in […]

I Give Up

In November, I gave up some bad things. These are foods of course. Foods and drinks that I like so much that when I start to consume them, I find it difficult to stop. Those SGI Buddhists reading this will recognise that this was my determination, at the beginning of the month. The three items […]

Dogged Determination

I have become unfit. 65 years old and I do not yet wish to be an old lady. So today, I decided to begin my journey back to health. This is me: I purchased the gym ball a long time ago, to sit on at my desk when I was suffering from back ache. Somewhere […]

Gwent Mad

I did something daft, even for me, and although I am rather ashamed and somewhat baffled as to how I managed it, I have to share it. As you know, I am the butt of most of the humour here. An email arrived in my inbox with details of a National Theatre Live showing, at […]

Welcome to the world of Pebbleditch

If you are expecting a lot of information on how to write, or about the ‘writing process’, you have come to the wrong blog. I know! Weird isn’t it? I’m a writer who wants people to buy her books and I’m not going to bang on about them. I won’t promise never to mention writing, […]

Beyond Bad Borris!

I didn’t want to write about THE VIRUS, we’re all fed up with the whole business, but recently I am experiencing a more personal situation that has been so frustrating, it has forced me to my keyboard. You know from past posts that I take anticoagulent medication and also use an asthma inhaler. This latter, I started […]

Questionable Dress

I have stopped doing paid work one year before becoming eligible for my state pension. This is to concentrate on writing. Well at least that is the plan although, as I mentioned in my previous post, focusing on writing alone is a challenge. With the time now available to me, my first task was to set […]


There are many obstacles to completing a novel; so many responsibilities to interrupt the would-be author, such as the processing of laundry, the exercise of the dog, the obtaining, storing production and disposal of food, and a glance in the new full length mirror making one exclaim Oh my God you look terrible in that lovely cool […]

Ramblings during lock down

To add a little levity to the Covid-19 situation because, let’s face it, we all need a smile,  I will now relate some things that amused me, or someone else at my expense, in the past months. The refuse tip I have been decluttering. I expect many of you have done the same and afterwards, looking at […]