What makes you think?

Below is a list of the things that pass through my head on a regular basis. You might have others, if so, add them in the comments.

What I am asking you to do, is sort them into order. Not of how important you think they are but of how often you estimate you have thought about them in the past few days. Please post the sequence of numbers of your top ten subjects in the comments box.

  1. Personal relationships e.g., family, friends, colleagues, children
  2. Finances e.g., career, income, taxation, achievement
  3. Environmental matters e.g., climate change, pollution, wildlife, rainforest destruction, farming
  4. Creativity e.g., art, music, film, theatre, dance, photography
  5. World peace e.g., Subterfuge, government, war, migration, powerlessness
  6. Physical health e.g., food and drink, exercise
  7. Mental health e.g., depression, anxiety, wellbeing
  8. Health service e.g., NHS, Pandemics, sickness, staff pay, hospital visits/appointments
  9. Spirituality e.g., Christianity, Buddhism, Humanism, Agnostic, Atheist, alternative,
  10. Personal leisure time e.g., relaxation, hobbies, me time, holidays
  11. Human rights e.g., equality, persecution, modern slavery, Black Lives Matter, Windrush
  12. Education e.g., supporting children at home, working in education, obtaining qualifications, teachers’ pay, subject content
  13. Animals e.g., pets, cruelty, persecution, farm animals, wildlife, pets
  14. Politics e.g., political affiliation, trust/mistrust, morals, Brexit
  15. Technology e.g., Internet, phones, computers, robotics
  16. Sexuality e.g., Hetero, homo, bi, trans
  17. Food e.g., vegetarianism, meat, farming, supermarkets, fine dining, fast food, sugar, tonight’s dinner
  18. Caring e.g., volunteering, caring for neighbours, looking after disabled acquaintances, managing family needs, putting others first
  19. Beauty e.g., looking good to face the world, seeking an attractive partner, enhancing surgery, make-up, shopping
  20. Aging e.g., worrying about death, feeling less valuable, discomfort or pain, not giving in to age, memory loss, keep learning, independence, now or never
  21. Self-searching e.g., self love, self loathing, self control, self analysis
  22. Pressure e.g., overwork, humdrum, time constraints
  23. Hope/lack of hope e.g., man’s inhumanity to man, no control over personal circumstances, taking action

Thank you, and keep looking for updates.

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