Beyond Bad Borris!

I didn’t want to write about THE VIRUS, we’re all fed up with the whole business, but recently I am experiencing a more personal situation that has been so frustrating, it has forced me to my keyboard.

You know from past posts that I take anticoagulent medication and also use an asthma inhaler. This latter, I started using after a series of bad VIRUSES while at college in my 30s and generally, I don’t need to use it nowadays unless I have a  VIRUS (you see where I’m heading with this).

Although I have these underlying conditions (a propensity for blood clots and a lung condition, both of which are the main areas targeted by THE VIRUS), I have not been identified by the government as shielded, but as moderately at risk.  Nevertheless, at the beginning of the scare, I shielded with the best (worst) of them and actually, it was something of a treat.

When we all relaxed a bit about the danger of THE VIRUS, I ventured into a supermarket, wearing my home made mask,

and now, as long as I am in a big space or outside, I happily meet with friends, at a distance, to walk and drink coffee, I have even been out for breakfast.

So, the scene is set and I apologise for the lengthy nature of this post.

At the beginning of lockdown, Whizz developed a sudden spike in his temperature. He went to bed for 24 hours and rose, fully recovered.

I don’t remember when, but a few months ago certainly, Whizz developed a nagging little cough (Whizz also has mild lung issues).  It isn’t continuous, he just coughs every now and again, possibly every half an hour. Did it follow his temperature incident? I don’t remember.  We certainly didn’t worry about it or make the connection. Some time later, I began to cough too so I took to my inhaler. My cough was controlled by the puffer, which I still use twice daily.  Whizz has coughed ever since, blaming it on hay fever and dust but still a bit surprised that it has continued. Neither of us suffered sore throats or fever, just the irritating little cough.

I should also add that I was using First Defence regularly. I swear by this as it nips colds in the bud, while they are in your throat and nose. I thought I might as well try it against the potential of catching the THE VIRUS. My mother laughed at me but I was undeterred.

Then, about 6 days ago, I developed a temperature. It wasn’t through the roof but it was over 39 degrees. I also had a pain in my lower abdomen and felt absolutely exhausted. I tried to get a test, but there were NONE. Not a postal one, not at a drive-in or walk-through one, nothing. Whizz was away on business and I didn’t have the energy to keep trying, so I used my First Defence and went to bed and slept the clock round. When I woke up, my temperature had reduced and I felt a lot better. I got up and emptied the dish washer, and by the time I had pottered around for a couple of hours, I was knackered again, and went back to bed. I slept for a further 3 hours and felt significantly better. The pain in my abdomen had receded and the thermometer showed that my fever had gone, also, I was not breathless, my cough was unchanged, still controllable with the inhaler, and I felt increasingly fine. I did call off my social engagements though, to be on the safe side.


A friend was shocked that I couldn’t get a test and suggested I sign up for Zoe, as they are doing research into THE VIRUS and will offer me a test straight away. This I did, and began logging my symptoms daily, stating that I did not feel quite right (I still coughed but that was fairly normal for me), and checking various boxes to describe my symptoms. On the second day of logging they sent me a link to the Government website and instructions how to get a test. So I followed the link and filled in numerous boxes, having to search out my medical number in the process. Eventually I reached a screen telling me the location of my nearest test site:

If you click on this image it is clearer, but the two main points to note are 1. The nearest drive-through centre is over 26 miles away and 2. it has 84 slots (although some are reserved for over 18s – no problem there then).

I pondered for a while but eventually decided to go to Heathrow for the benefit of research, so I clicked on for the next screen:

No slots available. Where were these 84 slots then? I clicked to change the date to the following day:

And the next one:

And the next, and the next…

I now feel full of beans,  but the question is, did I have a mild dose of THE VIRUS?

I needed to talk to someone in the know, because of the confusing matter of the inhaler and the First Defence and the fact that I felt better so quickly. I rang my local surgery. The lady on reception was kindly but firm, the surgery did or would not deal with matters concerning THE VIRUS. ‘You need to call 119 for advice,’ she advised, so I dialled 119.


Busy busy busy busy busy.

So what can a girl do but keep chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.


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