Christmas – The Creative and The Technologist

In case you haven’t noticed, Christmas is almost upon us. The older I get the more disorganised I become. Sometimes I catch sight of Whizz, looking hopelessly at me wondering how he can help, while I rush round like the torso of a hen.

Today, much to my amusement, and I don’t really understand why I find it so funny, Whizz has built me a spreadsheet to help with the timings of Christmas dinner. He has just spent ages explaining that I have to enter something here, like, ‘Turkey into oven upside down’. How long it takes to cook – here, like ‘120’ minutes and what it is dependent on like ‘Turkey right way up’, here. Next I sort everything in this column and hey presto, this column tells me what to set the timer to, for the next event.

It’s brilliant, and, even better, it draws my man into the kitchen. I’m gonna need some help with that little bit of technology.


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