Creation, absorbtion and acquisition

Creation: I don’t think I have made much mention of the two things that I enjoy the most – and generally do the least – painting and writing.

I wouldn’t say I am highly skilled in either pursuit but both keep me utterly absorbed. This makes them relaxing and rewarding.

Writing a novel, one of my chosen pastimes, has turned out to be much harder than I thought it would be. I am 45,000 words in and now getting quite hopeful that I will finish.

Painting is much quicker. I have recently become involved in painting scenery for Mavis’s theatre group and they seem pleased. I have also just completed a wall in the lounge (pictures of both below).


Market Street for Aladin











Absorbtion: Not the kind you might expect but more the dogs and I absorbing mud – see our You-Tube video here

Acquisition: It was my birthday this week and I had some lovely presents. A new stereo system for the kitchen, a new oil jug – for the kitchen and an egg slicer and new sharpening steel for, guess where. I have mentioned my passion for cooking many times so it doesn’t feel wrong to get kitchen stuff. Ooh, I forgot to mention the acquisition of mud on my boots and trousers after the above dog walk.

Some mud had already fallen off by now


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