Recipes for Horace

Four years ago, or maybe more, I promised HoraceI would write down all my recipes for her so she wouldn’t starve at university.

Despite the fact that she didn’t even know how to bake a potato, and that I completely failed to fulfil my promise, Horace is still as large as life and cooking with as much enthusiasm as her mother.

I paid the price of course, of having to tell her the recipes over the ‘phone, as she cooked. The jacket potato was rejected first time round when she discovered it would take an hour to cook in her conventional oven, but she only had 10 minutes before she went out. Now she is devising her own recipes like a true daughter-of-Lil

Today, pondering on Hairy Bikers Mums know Best, I developed guilt pangs. Horace is just finishing her final year at university and planning a life with her boyfriend Kerching, so named because he is a trainee accountant. He’s managed to get a job and, given the statistics, we are very impressed by his enterprise.

I have decided to fling my every day/favourite recipes up here under the heading Daughter Recipes. Presumably Mavis will want to take advantage of them one day too. I can’t promise they will appear quickly but I’m about to make a start. The recipe – cheese nibbles, a simple and delicious snack to serve with pre-dinner drinks or at a party. They go down really well – especially with Nellie, who I have just chased to her bed after saving all but 6 of the little beauties that were cooling on the work top, just too near the edge to resist. Grrrr!


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