Mavis’s Shepherds Pie

I make this for everyone but as it has no horrid onions or mushrooms, Mavis will eat it without making a fuss. Of course it has to have other ingredients to add flavour or it would be really boring.


1k beef mince

4 slices streaky bacon, diced

half a cup of red wine

a dash of Worcester Sauce

quarter tsp. bovril

a garlic clove or two, crushed

salt and pepper to season

Copious quantities of mashed potato. I always make too much as it’s really annoying if you run out, and anyway, mash is always handy to have in the fridge for a quick accompaniment.

Corn oil or Rape seed oil


Heat oven to oven Gas 6, 200 C 400 F

Fry the minceand bacon in a saucepan

Add the other ingredients apart from the mash and simmer for about 5 minutes. Taste and adjust flavour.

Place the mince into an oven proof dish and top with the potato, nice and thick. Rough up the surface of the potato with a fork then pour over a tablespoon or so of the oil. Spread it about with the fork until the surface is generously covered.

Bake until crispy on the top. About half an hour I suppose.


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