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I was pointed to this blog by someone called Mathmaniac who posts on the Active Low Carbers’ Forum. http://thepioneerwoman.com/ It’s inspired me to post more and less. By that I mean more often and in less detail. This means that I don’t have to mull over a deep and interesting subject before putting fingers to keyboard. The other thing I love about this blog is the number of pictures, so, when I next walk the manic dog, I’ll attempt to catch him on camera as he gets that mad white-eyed look in his eye while rushing to greet a fellow canine. When I’m shivering in the snow I can snap a picture of the snow flakes travelling horizontally across my view of the windmill.

So what happened of interest today? Well, Whizz emerged from his bed where he had headed a couple of days earlier to nurse some kind of virus while I swore I was fine, well I wasn’t too bad to be fair but now I’m heading downhill and tomorrow we may have to toss a coin to decide who walks the dog.

Horace rang to tell me she had a First in her most recent exam. This is her final year and she really wants to get a First overall to compensate for the fact that her university is rubbish and her choice of degree was not the most sensible. We all have to learn in our own ways. She interrupted me in the middle of Good night Mr Tom, aaah what a LOVELY film. It was the third interruption and I was also nursing a sore head so I was, although congratulatory, in a hurry to go back to my nursing and watching. Now I feel bad. hey ho, that’s motherhood.

Mavis came home from school feeling poorly. I was skeptical until she discovered she has her first period. She would hate me for telling you this but it’s quite a momentous occasion, a rite of passage and in the same week that she passed her 11+ it feels like my baby is all growed up. Mind you she still finds washing her own hair, impossible.

As I’ve only just decided on this new approach to the blog I haven’t taken any pictures so here’s the latest one of me, now a size 14 (UK) when not so long ago I was a size 20!

lost 46lbs cropped resized


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