Jobs I have done

Some time ago I promised myself I would try and list all the jobs (I wouldn’t call them a career) I have had over the years. I am not sure that many people would see them as a achievement but I have to say that their diversity has afforded me an insight into many aspects of society. So here goes (no idea about dates but from the most recent backwards):

Pop Up Restaurant proprietor (self employed)

PC trainer (self employed)

Cook for a pub (self employed)

Writer (trying, very trying)

Teaching assistant in a primary school

Estate agent

Landscape gardener (self employed)

Media analyst

IT system builder (self employed)

IT trainer (self employed)

Systems team leader

Systems developer

Computer operator

Progress chaser/process creator for double glazing manufacturer

Student – computing

Temp: in a chicken processing factory, a packaging company and a drinks retail company among other places

Giftware sales agent (self employed)

Running a theatre restaurant

Sandwich delivery person (self employed)

Delicatessen proprietor (self employed)

Outside caterer (self employed)

Party plan seller of jewellery (self employed)

Receptionist for vaccuum cleaner sales company

Insecticutor sales (self employed)

M & S sales assistant

Bank clerk, Lloyds Bank Croydon branch, Purley branch, Tadworth branch, Clearing Department Birmingham, Water St., Liverpool branch and Bold St., Liverpool branch.

There may be more, perhaps my friends and family can remind me of any I have forgotten.


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