No Brain

I know I go on about my memory but, really, it’s beyond the pale!

I have recently undergone a somethingorother ablation;in other words I have had the lining of my womb burned off and am now attempting life sans HRT.

The idea is that I should be able to tell how many of my symptoms are due to my dearth of hormones.

I have decided that basically, I am now thick. Having already regaled you with stories of locking myself out of the house and other such crises I must now report something that Whizz insists should be reported – to be fair – as I am always taking the Michael out of him.

It’s not really a story, just the simple report of an event:

I decided that I should exercise my brain with the help of the Brain Trainer advertised for the Nintendo DS. Mavis has the equipment so when at ToysRus the other week I decided to give it a go and picked up the game. Sadly, it was the wrong game. There must be more than one!

That’s it. Not much of a punch line really, and that’s not sour grapes, it’s just that it’s not a particularly good story. Not like the one about his glasses. HA HA HA HA!



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