Coronation Quorn – 3 syns per portion (Slimming World)

As always I am trying to create new and interesting recipes that I can eat on my Slimming World ?eating plan?.

I am a spice lover so many of my recipes contain spices to make low fat food more exciting and tasty. I have only just discovered quorn fillets and I can’t decide whether I like it all that much, I have a feeling this recipe would be just as nice without it but we do need the protein and it does look a bit more like Coronation Chicken.

On a red day you could make this with real chicken and if you’re not on a diet then you could add a handful of raisins and some almonds for texture.


1 onion, diced

1 tsp hot curry powder

salt to season

spray and fry

2 fresh pineapple slices or more if you like the sweetness

4 tbsp pineapple juice (1 syn)

4 tbsp 0% fat Greek yoghurt

2 level tbsp low fat mayonnaise (5 syns)

2 quorn chicken style fillets


Fry the onion in the Spray and Fry until soft.

Stir in the curry powder and salt and add 4 tbsp pineapple juice and the quorn fillets. Cook until the quorn is defrosted and the juice has reduced so that the mixture is thick.

Take out the quorn fillets and dice them

Turn the quorn and the onion mixture into a bowl and cool.

Once cooled, mix in the yoghurt, diced pineapple and mayonnaise.

Serve with cold rice.

Serves 2


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