Not quite the plan

Well, this morning we woke up to a dearth of bread. I had forgotten to put the bread maker on.

I have to admit that my week hasn’t gone exactly to plan, we had sausages and chips one night much to the family’s delight. We didn’t therefore have sausages for breakfast.

I made ice cream that was not great. The flavour was good but it was a bit watery. Back to the drawing board for that one.

As for the cat food. Well, the cats can either go vegetarian – no not a joke, you can actually buy veggie cat food – I could buy a proprietary brand from Costco or I could make it myself. I found a recipe for a nutritionally balanced cat food so I suppose this is what I should do. This ethical business makes an awful lot of washing up!

Cat Food

Cats need more protein in their diet than dogs. However, it is still possible to cook for them at home. John Burns, a vet and nutritionist who linked pet food with various animal ailments, began to recommend 30 years ago that pet owners cook their own food for cats. He recommends a stew composed of 50 per cent chicken or beef, with 25 per cent boiled brown rice, and 25 per cent green vegetables including dried seaweed for essential minerals

You can read the whole article which includes advice about dogs and other pets here:


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