Cafetiere and Costco

I’ve found a company that sells the mug I mentioned in a previous entry. It’s called a Smart Cafe, Hot Cafetiere mug and it can be purchased here: I recommend it for a simple, instant , cup of ground coffee. My only warning would be, unless the design has changed since I bought mine, don’t fill it too full or press the plunger too quickly or you could get an eyefull of coffee!

On the subject of Costco I’ve done a bit of research and it seems that Costco treats it’s staff well and pays them more than the going rate but that it is not always that ethical about its buying. That being said, I think I will continue to use Costco as it supplies smaller merchants, and those are the people, along with the countryside workforce, who I want to support in preference to the Supermarkets. I will only buy products not found in supermarkets so my conscience is clear.

Thank goodness for that. I love going to Costco.

Now, does anyone have a recipe for condensed milk?


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