Child quote three

Me “What did you do at school today?”
Mavis “Can’t arember”
Me “Did you do any reading”
Mavis “No”
Me “How about numbers”
Mavis “No”
Me “Well you must have done something”
Mavis, after a pause “We did shapes”
Me “Oh, what kind of shapes”
Mavis “A ball shape”
Me “Can you remeber what a ball shape is called?”
Mavis “A sphere”
Me “Yes, well done. What other shapes did you learn about?”
Mavis “There was a triangular something. I can’t arember what it was called, something like a jail but it ended with an M”
Me, struggling here, “Was it a tetrahedron?”
Mavis, scornfully, “No, that’s not a jail!”
I thought for a while and then asked what it looked like.
“Well, it was long and it had a triangle on each end.”

“Oh. A Prism!” Brilliant


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