To sexagenarianism and beyond

When I crossed the 60 age-barrier… I got a tattoo and died my hair purple. I thought I was very avant garde. I was determined not to age gracefully, I was going to be as Jenny Joseph planned to be (apart from the bit about the butter):

The Dreaded Diet

I’m back to Weight Watching. I said I wouldn’t post here again about my love hate (addictive) relationship with food but I have been eating ready meals, as a quick way of measuring Weight Watchers points. There is a huge variety of these on the market so I have begun to review the ones I eat. […]


In life we meet many types of people. Some are easy to like, others take a bit more tolerance.  That includes me. Many people love me, but others dislike me. I take some getting used to, being a loud and opinionated human being. Lately I have been tried by a certain person at work. This […]