July’s People by Nadine Gordimer

I may have mentioned that I attend a book group. Apparently it is the trendy thing to do but I didn’t know that when I agreed to go. I liked the women involved and I like reading so there was nothing to lose (I also like to drink wine and gin and tonic – not […]

Not a good day

Thursday is my first day at home after three days of work, which are often followed by a mind-bending evening at youth club. Although I have chores to do it is a nice feeling to get up and feel in control of my day, answering only to myself – well in theory anyway. So yesterday […]

One final word on the convenience option

Tonight, the fridge full of ready meals of one description or another, I decided that, given the quality thus far, nobody would like any of it. Reluctant to waste it I decided to cook a buffet. On offer were: One portion of lamb rogon josh from the reduced counter and a pot of rice I […]

I feel I must go back to food

Having read this blog from end to end a few weeks ago – it must have been during the summer holidays – I decided that I went on about food too much and I would cease. Sadly I have had an experience this week that makes me want to revisit the subject, so apologies to […]