The Caravan Arrives

The choice of caravans was mind boggling; so many layouts, so many models, and we wanted a second hand one. We decided to visit the Caravan Show to get a feel for the options, and we dragged Mavis along (much to her disgust) as we felt she should have a part in the decision making. […]

Caravan Preparation

The previous owner of our house, apart from being a shady sort of character, serviced vehicles in a huge double width, one and a half height garage. Next to it stood a double length, concrete sectional garage, and overlooking them both was our living room with patio doors. It was not an attractive sight but […]


When I was about 14 my parents bought our first caravan, a slightly shabby Sprite Musketeer. The whole family set to sprucing it up and there began many years of happy weekending and holidaying. It was entirely my fault! I had been invited by a friend to stay for a week with her and her […]