It’s a conspiracy!

As previously mentioned I sent my picture to the DVLA as the old one was too youthful. So now, I look as though I’ve been exhumed!                 Can you believe that the picture below, which is bad enough, could be turned into this? Steven King could write a […]

Roasted Pecans

One of the benefits of eating low carb is that I can eat nuts, other than peanuts, with a clear conscience. The price of nuts seems to have gone through the roof though, and the 100g (3.5 0z) packs of roasted pecans I used to buy from Waitrose for, I think £1,99 went up to […]

Now I understand

This morning, as usual, I took the dogs out for a walk. Unusually, but not for the first time, I returned home 10 minutes later after Nellie had tried to murder a sweet little King Charles Spaniel. I deposited Nellie back in the kitchen. BAD girl, grrr. Anyway, Milo and I had a lovely walk. […]

Getting Old

For years I have been kidding myself that I am immortal. Everyone tells me I don’t look my age and my eyesight is failing so I see myself in a romantic blur if I look in the mirror, Sadly, today, I discovered I urgently needed a new photo for my driving license – such a […]

Portion Fail

Being a hard working, cooking type of person my family lives regularly on convenience foods and take aways. Well not that regularly, I do cook often, but in times of stress, like tonight, I am wont to say ‘How about you two having Figgys tonight?’ Figgy is our fish and chip delivery van – Thursdays […]

Child Quote 11

Mavis: Is an Ooner Spism a Spoonerism? Us: Ha Ha Ha Ha We are very sad in our family!

Mrs Robins’ Fruit Cake

                Years ago, when I lived in Sheep Country, I belonged, thanks to Husband Number Two, to the Austin Healey Club. Through that group I made many friends, including Tarn and Fit, with whom I still keep in touch, mainly through Christmas Cards and occasionally with visits. I […]

More on Teenagers

11 years ago, when Horace was the age Mavis now is, Whizz and I moved to this village of Pebbleditch we now call home. Mavis knew nobody so I decided, as newly appointed editor of the Pebbleditch Parish Post, to appeal in the magazine for volunteers to start a youth club. Four people eventually turned […]