Weight Loss and future research

During my first week on The Harcombe Diet I lost weight every day. I know that we are advised not to weigh every day but if I read that my weight loss will be considerable and that I could lose a stone in two or three weeks then it is natural to conclude that a […]


Ketosis is the state into which the body enters when it needs to burn fat. When blood glucose is low and stored reserves of energy have been exhausted, the body will start to burn the stored fat. ketones are the product of ketosis. They are produced by the liver from fatty acids and the body […]

The Harcombe Diet

I know I’m always going on about food but I read about this lady in Whizz’s Mensa Magazine and was impressed. Zoe Harcombe advocates a mixture between the Atkins Diet (40 – 90g of carbs per day and as much fat as you like) and food combining (don’t eat carbs and fats together so eat […]