The Girth Mother Sounds Off Again

What a food scary week it’s been! First we had the wonderful Hugh F. W. raising hen hell with the supermarkets and then our Jamie telling us the truth about junk and fast food. Photo by Hans Splinter Once I wouldn’t have bothered to watch all this, I’d have thought yeah, yeah but so what. […]

On Women

Practically every week I receive an email from a woman telling me to take comfort, women are wonderful. Not only are we wonderful we are better than men, endure more and work harder. I don’t know whether I have lost my sense of humour but isn’t this sexist? Why do we feel the need to […]


I have mentioned before that I am reading the above book by Joanna Blythman, and I am still wading through it. As usual it has given rise to some heated debate in our household. Having sounded off to Whizz a few times and received his Capitalist Dog opinion on it all I am now ready […]