On Damp

If ever a problem has followed me through life, it’s damp. Not sweaty armpits or monsoons but the unwanted capillary action in the home, type. The first house I ever owned, well co-owned with my last husband (L.H.), was only a few months old when disgusting slimy flowers started growing from underneath the kitchen door […]

On Village Life

I?m not a Townie I?m a country girl at heart. My mother was raised in the Sussex countryside and as a child I learned from her the names of most common wild flowers, trees and birds.

That being said,

On Memory

Do you ever have that fantasy, you know, the one about being offered one wish by the good fairy? I?ve spent many happy daydreams working out how to get health, wealth and the body of a model in one wish and picturing the looks on people?s faces when I met them with my new, svelte figure. Of course


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